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Bethesda Game Studios’ latest action role-playing game, boasts a vast cosmic landscape set in the 24th century. The game introduces players to an expansive universe with entire planetary systems, offering varied urban and natural landscapes. However, navigating this colossal world can be overwhelming, as the main story lacks excitement and many side quests involve tedious busywork.


The game’s design flaw becomes evident as players struggle to discern worthwhile content from the overwhelming abundance of activities. A hidden gem of a side story, involving undercover work within a vicious gang, showcases the game’s potential for thrilling and inventive narratives. Unfortunately, accessing such compelling content often requires players to deviate from the main plot and actively seek out specific characters, highlighting the challenge of finding the game’s true gems.

Many flaws yet complex and impressing!

Starfield’s uneven presentation adds to the complexity. While the game impresses with detailed environments and the joy of exploration, character interactions and dialogue feel artificial and lack emotional depth. The combat, though serviceable, lacks a sense of danger, diminishing the excitement of encounters throughout the game.

Despite its considerable flaws, Starfield’s vast world and attention to detail offer moments of enjoyment, especially for those willing to invest significant time in exploration. However, its inability to effectively guide players toward the most engaging experiences within its universe raises questions about the overall effectiveness of its expansive design philosophy.

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