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The ultimate sandbox game returns in its most complete edition! Players won’t have to choose anymore and can enjoy Minecraft however they want whenever they want! Craft, fight, build and survive in a procedurally generated world! Explore many different biomes and encounter weird and dangerous creatures! Build majestic structures, elaborate contraptions or even entire villages! The possibilities are endless and countless hours of great fun await you!

Cubical wonders and dangers

The magic of Minecraft lies in its simplicity. The entire world is composed of cubes. Everything from dirt, and trees to even water, lava or anything else. You can find hundreds of materials that can be further combined to create alloys, tools or even magical portals. Explore the vast and diverse world to find needed materials but be wary of many dangers ahead!


Survival is a crucial aspect of Minecraft’s main game mode. Each night terrible monsters stalk the surface and prey upon unprepared adventures. To deal with them you’ll need shelter, a light source and eventually a weapon. Different creatures pose different kinds of threats, whether they shoot you from afar, explode and destroy everything around them or steal your materials and resources.

But should you prefer a more relaxing and carefree experience, Minecraft has you covered. Besides the survival game mode, you can play creative mode where you don’t have to deal with enemies and instead focus on building! You can spend hours upon hours perfecting your architectural creations! And if you want to simply explore, the spectator mode will let you do that as a ghost!

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Best of both worlds

This version contains both the Minecraft Java edition and the Minecraft Bedrock edition. No longer do players have to consider which version suits their needs better! Java edition offers multi-platform crossplay between Windows, Linux, and macOS and allows users to install various modifications or new game modes! Bedrock, on the other hand, is a newer version and thus has several graphical enhancements to the game.

Key features

  • Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock in one package
  • Thousands of hours of gameplay thanks to the procedurally generated world
  • Diverse biomes to explore
  • Hundreds of materials and resources to gather, and hundreds of items to craft
  • Many unique and dangerous monsters to combat
  • Different game modes that suit each player’s needs
  • Multiplayer to enjoy the game with friends or strangers

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